Taking months leave and going on a world tour is something that many people are dreaming about. If you are one of these lucky people, then you need to know that there are a couple of countries that you just shouldn’t visit. This is because this is dangerous countries and countries that you should rather avoid and going to other, safer countries that will give you a great experience. These are some of the countries as suggest by my friend who do San Antonio water softener that you should not visit on your world tour, no matter what. 

El Salvador

A couple of years back, El Salvador would be a great holiday destination and you would be able to go there on your world tour. However, since 2015 this is a place that you should rather avoid. This is because of the murder rate in this country.

The murder rate is about 91 murders in every 100 000 people. For most people, this might not sound that bad, but if you think about it, this is one of the countries with the most murders per year.


We all know that Afghanistan is one of the countries that you should avoid at all costs. Most people that are going to Afghanistan, especially without making prior arrangements, and if you aren’t a US Navy officer, aren’t coming back alive.

So, if you are considering coming here on your world tour, start changing your tour plans immediately.


Just like Afghanistan, Iraq is always in war. And, going there is a huge risk. The one thing that the people in Iraq doesn’t like is foreigners. So, if you are a tourist traveling the world, the last thing that you want to is to go through Iraq. Your life might be in serious danger and your family might not see you ever again.


You might think that Iraq or Afghanistan is the most dangerous countries in the world. But, you are mistaken. If you are going to Libya, you are going to be in real danger. This is one of the countries that you should avoid at all costs. You shouldn’t even consider a flight that is going through Libya. This is the number two most dangerous country in the world. So, stay away.


Syria. The number one country when it comes to danger. If you want to experience a country that is known as the world’s most dangerous country, then you should visit Syria. However, you should also know that the changes that you are going to get out of the city alive, is really slim. So, you should only go to Syria if you have a death wish.

These are the top countries in the world that you should not visit during your world tour. A world tour is to see all kinds of different countries and experience as much as possible about different cultures. However, these countries should not be on your list of places to go, and you should make sure that you are staying away as far from these countries as possible. You might not go home alive.