Egypt is located in North East Africa. It touches the border of Palestine, Israel, Libya and Sudan. Capital city of Egypt is Cairo. This country is modern with many and long histories. Egypt has experienced many earliest developments like writing, agriculture, civilization etc.

As par my friend who lived in Egypt and is currently working over Plano Roof repair told me that Egypt is Muslim country and 94% Muslim Sunni live there rest of 6% population have different beliefs, they are Christian other. Coptic language was spoken by ancient Egyptian but in 13 century it was completely replaced by Arabic language. Now Arabic is spoken by Muslims and Christians.

Egypt is Muslim country so they follow the footprints of Muhammad SAW who is last prophet of ALLAH and sent to last Ummah. Muslims belief on Quran; last book of Allah and bought by Muhammad SAW. They recite Quran and offer prayers. They fast in month of Ramadan for their Allah. Give donations, zakat in month of Ramadan. They break their fast (iftar) in evening (with Maghreb azan). They gathered on table with family or friends at time of Iftar and make duas and break the fast.

Egyptians are family oriented people. They respect their elders and are strongly connected to them if live separate with their families. They give respect to their social relations as respect is give and take deal they considered respect an obligation and right too. Dress properly as per financial status. If words come out of man’s mouth it is considered last and obeying is last option. Disobeying means disrespect.

They categorized their society into three classes; upper, middle, lower. The position in society, money they have and power are some symbols that categorize the classes as upper class, middle class and lower class.

They shake hands when meet. Sometimes they kiss on cheeks while shaking hand. Women and men meet in same way but in same gender. When they invite guests at home it is best practice to bring some best quality chocolates, sweets or pastries. Flowers are given when someone is ill or at wedding but you can bring flowers only when you know that host love flowers and they appreciate it.  Give compliments to host on his house. Wait until host asks you to sit down. Appreciate the taste of dinner or things you are entertained with. Leave some small amount of food in your plate because if you don’t do so they will keep refilling your plate. Always eat with right hand.